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Watch That Dino-Soar Watch That Dino-Soar

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The tank is overpowered and game is somewhat too easy. I found myself holding down the right arrow and mashing the trigger without any fear of the enemy harming my health or putting me into a state of uncertainty where I have to engage them with caution, but other than that good job.

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ThallasTV responds:

The tank level was made to congratulate the player for completing the other levels, with running out of time, the tank was unfortunately made invulnerable and could kill anything with ease.

In hindsight
The Enemies require more health for all the levels and there needs to be more enemies on level 2.
The shooting requires a cooldown so you cannot spam the Z key over and over.

Aside from that, thank you for the constructive points :)